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Meet The Owner & Candle Artisan

Meet The Owner & Candle Artisan

I'm Neosha, the founder of Serene Nights Candle Co.  I'm born and raised right in the heart of Louisville, KY. I'm a wife to my high school sweet heart and mom to our 3 beautiful daughters. As a serial entrepreneur, what started off as a hobby soon became my passion. I quickly found that my community, the All-Nighter Tribe, loved the hand crafted candles/wax melts and I soon found myself being the go to "candle lady". 

Though creating candles is what I enjoy to do, I felt that my purpose was bigger. As an African-American woman, I've found not only for myself but for others in the black community, the stigma of seeking professional help made us look "crazy" or it had to be something wrong with us if we wanted to understand  ourselves more. The lack of mental health conversations goes far beyond my generation but it also doesn't have to continue. Though we've made strides with more and more people speaking up on social media and our day to day lives, I've felt that I could do more myself. Serene Nights Candle Co. has not only being my own personal source of therapy but I've been blessed to partner with some amazing non-profits that not only do amazing work but also align with my companies vision and mission. Bringing awareness to mental health within the black community is very necessary and essential so that we as a people can learn and change the narrative for our next generations to come.

I want to thank each of you for being apart of my journey and as I continue to grow, I hope that Serene Nights Candle Co. can continue to be your go to candle brand! Please don't hesitate to reach out on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Leave a comment, a review, ask a question or just simply say hello. 


We are guided by heart work over hard work. Creating a brand that shines light on mental awareness and its benefits, while creating quality eco-friendly, hand crafted candles that enhance vibrate living, relaxation, inspiration, motivation and fun!