Eyes That See- The Keziah House

When you meet the women of the Keziah House, you are immediately struck by their youth and the depth of the lives they have lived. These young women have journeyed so far to get to this place. Many have had innocence stolen from them. They have lived on the streets. They have lived as prostitutes to have enough money for food. They have been hurt and sadly expect to be hurt again. Many of these girls haven't felt the love and support of a family for a long time. When they come into The Keziah House they are instantly met by a staff who will invest in the rest of their lives, exposing them to an irreplaceable community. You might say something like this instead: They receive counseling to deal with their pain. They receive accredited schooling for a new career. Both are at no cost to the women, and there is 100% job placement upon graduation. At The Keziah House, they have a safe home with their own bed, clothes, food, access to health care, clean water, and time to heal. The women live at The Keziah House for about nine months. Upon graduation, they receive an apartment with the furniture they need along with three months of financial assistance. These are not apartments like the United States would picture, but our women feel proud as they head into their new lives. The day they walk into the Keziah House we are family, all learning to understand our full worth in Jesus. For this entire process, it costs $3,500 for each woman. This includes everything they experience at the Keziah House and their start in their new life. For questions please contact us here.

Keziah Program - The Keziah Project works with women who desire to leave the sex industry. The women live at our center, The Keziah House, where they receive rehabilitation, counseling, access to healthcare, clean water, daily life necessities, and education through an accredited school. Upon graduating from the program, women are gradually transitioned into the surrounding community and offered continual support as they enter the workforce and begin to live increasingly independent lives.

I’m a firm believer, that we should be the change we want to see. By purchasing our “Eyes That See” candle, you are being the change in these women's lives. A portion of candle sales will be donated to the Keziah House, so our fellow women can receive the essential help to live a more abundant life.

If you don’t want a candle but would like to support this movement directly, head over to www.eyesthatsee.org click on “how to donate” link at the top of the page.